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Some times I swear my parents are glad I’m a fuck up. They seem so keen to tell every Tom, Dick and Harry that not only did I fail sixth form but that I’m at risk of not getting back in to uni. Could you please, PLEASE not tell every fucking twat you talk to about my personal business? It’s got nothing to do with them.

Heck, the fucking window cleaner arrived earlier and my mum was so keen to show off how much of a fuck up I am that she woke me up and brought me downstairs just to get the 17 year old kid working with the window man to tell me how AMAZING it was that he has a summer job and is at college. And then she starts telling the both of them that I failed sixth form, I fucked up my most recent year at uni like…That’s my business. I don’t want everybody in the world to know I’m a failure, thanks, there’s still a handful that are under the illusion I’m worth something so please stop trying to make them realise I’m not.

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