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Every time people say animals don’t have feelings, I show them this.

25 Of The Best Parenting Moments In The Animal Kingdom

I’m usually all for lovey, dovey stuff like this but there’s a big difference between “feelings” and basic animal instinct. A lot of animals will just straight up leave their young if they’re too weak. Doesn’t show a whole lot of “feelings” to me. Call me a cynical asshole all you want but I’m only like this because I witnessed a duck leave one of its ducklings behind simply because it couldn’t keep up…I tried to look after that duck and it died, so I’m a bit bitter. I still miss that little guy.




if you use the word “feminazi” during a debate, i am automatically not going to take you seriously you racist piece of shit

i’m not meaning to be an asshole but how is that racist

the term “feminazi” completely disregards the suffering of so many people…

This is why I dropped the term “feminazi” from my vocabulary the second I stopped being an edgey, 15 year old little twat. Plus, yeah, referring to people as a “Nazi” in general is just disrespectful. I get called a Nazi a fair bit on a forum I moderate and I have to resist the urge to straight up ban the person that says it because, y’know, I lost a good chunk of my direct family to the Nazi regime. Bethanolia has a very valid point. Do not compare feminists (regardless of how “militant” you might think they are) to Nazis or I will personally shit down your throat.

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